Usually the ignition system in a classic car is the source of many problems.
After many years, the mechanical system responsible for adjusting the ignition is easily worn out. Think about stretched springs leading to the wrong advance, breaker points and capacitor damaged which lead to a weak spark, vacuum pot not able to move anymore etc.

The 123ignition distributor system is different. Optically, seen from the outside, the distributor looks like the original.
But inside, instead of the error-prone mechanical parts, there is a completely maintenance-free high-tech system, which will ensure that your engine will run like new again. Both centrifugal and vacuum (MAP) advance are digitally calculated, resulting in the correct advance, year after year. Unique developed features ensure a high energy spark at every RPM, with many different types of coils.

Unique features

  • Fully electronic: no contact points, springs or other mechanical systems which wear and tear over time, thus the advance is always the same, even after many years
  • Adaptive coil current: the ignition coil current is the same at every RPM, leading to the same, strong spark from low to high RPMs
  • Supports different types of coils, from 1 ohm and higher
  • Spark balancing: every cylinder gets the same timing advance with a difference of less than 0.5 degrees crankshaft
  • Heavy duty aluminium housing which can operate in harsh environmental conditions
  • Easy installation with the LED: the LED indicates at what point the 123 is at top-dead-center (TDC)
  • Multiple advance curves available and the ability to program your own curve
  • Possibility to track the performance of your engine through a dashboard on your smartphone or PC
  • Increases the reliability of your beloved classic automobile!