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The wireless programmable 123\TUNE+-2CV is designed for the Citroen 2CV4, 2CV6, DYANE, AMI, Mehari 2CV engine.
123ignition is proud to announce the first fully programmable wireless ignition! Control your 123\TUNE+ with your iOS/Android smartphone or tablet. The App makes it possible to adjust the ignition curve and shows an electronic dashboard.

Main features: REV-counter, Antitheft system by a PIN code, Real time tuning, Vacuum advance, Boost retard, Soft REV-limiter, etc.

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The wireless programmable 123\TUNE+-4-A-V-FIAT-TC is designed to replace the mechanical distributor (mounted on top of the cylinder-head) in the popular Fiat twin-cam engines.

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The wireless programmable 123\TUNE+-4-A-V-KENT is designed for the Ford Kent engines.

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The TUNE+-4-R-V-B21-B23 is designed for the Volvo B17, B19, B21, B23 and B230 engines, not only for classic cars like the Volvo 242, 244, 245 etc but also for the trucks and boats. (Volvo Penta)

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The wireless programmable 123\TUNE+-4-R-V-BMW is designed for M10 engines, in the BMW :

-1602, 1602Ti
-1800, 1800Ti
-2000, 2000Ti, 2000Tii
-2002, 2002Ti, 2002Tii, 2002Turbo
– 316, 318, 518, 320, 520 (early types!!)

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The wireless programmable 123\TUNE+-4-R-V-D is designed for the Alfa 4 cylinder engines like: Giulia Nova, Spider & Bertone 2000, the Duetto and many others.

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The wireless programmable 123\TUNE+-4-R-V-DUC replaces the 4 cylinder Ducellier distributor.

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The wireless programmable 123\TUNE+-4-R-V-FORD-V4 is designed for the Ford V4 engines in the Ford 12M, 15M, 17M, Taunus, Granada, Consul and Capri.

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The 123\TUNE+-4-R-V-G replaces most 4 cyl. Lucas-distributors for engines in Great-British (hence ‘GB’) cars.

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The wireless programmable 123\TUNE+-4-R-V-LANCIA is designed with the help of Lancia enthusiasts.

For the Fulvia this means, that the gearwheel from the original distributor needs to be replaced. (which is an easy job as everything is prepared by us)

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The 123\TUNE+-4-R-V-M is designed for most Mercedes 4 cylinder engines like the W110, W115 etc.

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The wireless programmable 123\TUNE+-4-R-V-MINI-A+ is designed for the Mini A-plus engines

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The wireless programmable 123\TUNE+-4-R-V-P is designed for Porsche 912 / 914 / 356

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The wireless programmable 123\TUNE+-4-R-V-RENAULT is a distributor, specifically targeted for the “Cleon”-engines as used in Renault 4, Renault 5, 4F4, 4F6, Renault Estafette, DAF55, Volvo 55, 340 and 360 (B130 and B140 engines)

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The 123TUNE+-4-R-V-Renault-16-TX-TS is a distributor, specifically targeted for the “TX and TS”-engines as used in Renault 16.

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The 123TUNE+-4-R-V-RENAULT-DAUPHINE is a distributor, specifically targeted for the 670-01, 670-02, 670-05 engines as used in the older Renault cars.

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The wireless programmable 123\TUNE+-4-R-V-RENAULT-OLD is a distributor, specifically targeted for the “Ventoux”-engines as used in the older Renault 4 for example.

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The wireless programmable 123\TUNE+-4-R-V-SAAB-V4 is designed for the Saab V4 engines in the Saab 95 & 96