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4 vac


The wireless programmable 123\TUNE+-4-R-V-V is designed for VW and Volvo B18-B20 4 cylinder engines.

6 vac


The 123\TUNE+-6-R-V-BMW is designed for 6-cyl. engines:

– 2.5 CS, 2.8 CS/L/A
– 2500/A, 2800 /CS/A
– 3.0 L/S/CS/A
– 3.0 SI/CSI/CSL
– 3.3 L/A
– 320/6, 520/6
– 630 CS/CSA

6 vac


The 123\TUNE+-6-R-V-D is specifically designed for the Citroen Traction Avant with 6-cylinder 15D engine and Alfa 2600 engine.

6 vac


The wireless programmable 123\TUNE+-6-R-V-FORD-V6 is designed for the Ford V6 engines in the Ford 17M, 20M, 26M, Taunus, Granada, Consul and Capri.

6 vac


The 123\TUNE+-6-R-V-G replaces most 6 cyl. Lucas-distributors for engines in Great-British (hence ‘GB’) cars.

6 vac


The wireless programmable 123\TUNE+-6-R-V-M is designed for the most classic 6 cylinder Mercedes engines.

6 vac


The wireless programmable 123\TUNE+-6-R-V-POR911-3.0-SC is designed for Porsche 911 3,0L 6 cylinder engines.

Only compatible with Porsche 911 3.0 SC engines!
Only suitable for engines with original Bosch HKZ (CDI) unit of the second generation. HKZ unit ( 6 wires ).

6 vac


The wireless programmable 123\TUNE+-6-R-V-V is a unit that fits the B30 6-cylinder Volvo carburetor engines. It fits cars, trucks and boats (VOLVO PENTA), Please be aware this unit don’t offers Bosch D-Jetronic fuel injection support.

8 vac


The wireless programmable 123\TUNE+-8-R-V-ROVER replaces 8 cylinder Rover Lucas-distributors for engines without oil pump actuator.

8 vac


The wireless programmable 123\TUNE+-8-R-V-ROVER-PRE-SD1 replaces 8 cylinder Rover Lucas-distributors for engines with oil pump actuator.