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USB 4 vac


The USB programmable 123\TUNE-4-R-V-SAAB-V4 is designed for the Saab V4 engines in the Saab 95 & 96

USB 4 vac


The USB programmable 123\TUNE-4-R-V-V is designed for VW and Volvo B18-B20 4 cylinder engines

USB 6 vac


The 123\TUNE-6-R-V-BMW is designed for 6-cyl. engines:

– 2.5 CS, 2.8 CS/L/A
– 2500/A, 2800 /CS/A
– 3.0 L/S/CS/A
– 3.0 SI/CSI/CSL
– 3.3 L/A
– 320/6, 520/6
– 630 CS/CSA

USB 6 vac


The USB programmable 123\TUNE-6-R-V-D is especially designed for the Alfa-2600 and  Citroen Traction Avant with 6-cylinder 15D engine.

USB 6 vac


The 123\TUNE-6-R-V-DATSUN is designed for 6-cyl. engines: L24, L26, L28. This unit

USB 6 vac


The USB programmable 123\TUNE-6-R-V-FORD-V6 is designed for the Ford V6 engines in the Ford 17M, 20M, 26M, Taunus, Granada, Consul and Capri.

USB 6 vac


The 123\TUNE-6-R-V-G replaces most 6 cyl. Lucas-distributors for engines in Great-British (hence ‘GB’) cars.

USB 6 vac


The USB programmable 123\TUNE-6-R-V-M is designed for the most classic 6 cylinder Mercedes engines.

USB 6 vac


The USB programmable 123\TUNE-6-R-V-POR911-BIG is designed for Porsche 911 2,4L – 2,7L and 3,3L 6 cylinder engines.

USB 6 vac


The USB programmable 123\TUNE-6-R-V-POR911-SMALL is designed for Porsche 911 2,0L and 2,2L 6 cylinder engines.

Suitable for engines without HKZ (CDI) unit and first generation HKZ unit ( 3 wires )

USB 6 vac


The 123\TUNE-6-R-V-V is a unit that fits the B30 6-cylinder Volvo carburetor engines. It fits cars, trucks and boats (VOLVO PENTA), Please be aware this unit don’t offers Bosch D-Jetronic fuel injection support.

USB 8 vac


The USB programmable 123\TUNE-8-R-V-ROLLSROYCE replaces 8 cylinder Rolls Royce distributors.

USB 8 vac


The USB programmable 123\TUNE-8-R-V-ROVER replaces 8 cylinder Rover Lucas-distributors for engines without oil pump actuator.

USB 8 vac


The USB programmable 123\TUNE-8-R-V-ROVER-PRE-SD1 replaces 8 cylinder Rover Lucas-distributors for engines with oil pump actuator.

4 vac


The wireless programmable 123\TUNE+-4-A-V-FIAT-TC is designed to replace the mechanical distributor (mounted on top of the cylinder-head) in the popular Fiat twin-cam engines.

4 vac


The wireless programmable 123\TUNE+-4-A-V-KENT is designed for the Ford Kent engines.

4 vac


The TUNE+-4-R-V-B21-B23 is designed for the Volvo B17, B19, B21, B23 and B230 engines, not only for classic cars like the Volvo 242, 244, 245 etc but also for the trucks and boats. (Volvo Penta)

4 vac


The wireless programmable 123\TUNE+-4-R-V-BMW is designed for M10 engines, in the BMW :

-1602, 1602Ti
-1800, 1800Ti
-2000, 2000Ti, 2000Tii
-2002, 2002Ti, 2002Tii, 2002Turbo
– 316, 318, 518, 320, 520 (early types!!)